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You can have the latest technology working for you when you wear a specially conceived thermowear outfit, using a cutting-edge ingenuity made from neoprene fibers to provide an effect of heat induction over your body. You will look great, lose weight and tone your muscles at the same time.

Our broader range of thermowear products can offer choices to shape and slim your body. Manufactured from Neoprene, a technically conceived fabric structure, our products will provide a firm body support and cause you to sweat from the inside. The layers are scientifically disposed to absorb sweat and leave the outer layer completely dry.

Choice of brilliant colors, separate pieces or complete outfit, with anti-allergic material, light-weight and long lasting quality, you are always fashionable and trendy, either working or just having plain fun in life.

Neoprene slimming thermal wear can reduce your measures and shape your body

Neoprene is the same fabric used to manufacture scuba diving gear, is perfect to increase local body temperature. You end up sweating a lot more when doing any activity. This can cause you to lose liquid weight very fast, thus reducing excess fat around the muscle fibers.

Get warm, get comfortable and start shaping and trimming your body right now!

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