Replacement Gel Pads for Abs Stimulator

Replacement Gel Pads for Abs Stimulator

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Replacement gel pads to tone, tighten and strengthen now

Tired of putting your muscle stimulator in the closet for storage because your gel pads need replacing? Our replacement gel pads can be used for abs and arms stimulator. Make sure you always have extra gel pads on hand, so you will have no excuses to not stimulate your muscles.


Replacement gel pads for abs and arms stimulator

Muscles need stimulation to be strengthened and toned, but once we pause from such stimulation, our muscles begin to lose strength. One of the main reasons many stop using their muscle stimulator is that they have worn out gel pads. Having extra gel pads on hand will prevent this from ever happening.


Stay toned and ripped with our medical grade gel pads that will help you get the most out of every workout. They are designed to evenly distribute the muscle stimulating pulses for the highest toning efficiency and optimum comfort. They are suitable to be used with all types of muscle stimulators.


Designed with a grid pattern that permits the electric-muscle stimulating pulses to spread evenly on the skin, providing the most effective muscle stimulation without discomfort.


Why should I replace my gel pads?

The gel pads lose their adhesive properties after 30 or more training sessions. Their lifespan might vary depending on your skin type and the treatment they receive.


To get the most out of your gel pads, follow these suggestions:

  1. Wipe your skin clean before applying to remove any debris, moisturizer or lotion that damage the adhesive gel pads.
  2. Place your gel pads in their protective plastic packaging after each use. Don't worry, if you have thrown the plastic away, you can use any smooth plastic surface.
  3. Keep your gel pads hydrated with a few drops of water and always use with your conductive gel.


If you notice that your gel pads are not sticking properly, that is normally the best indicator that you will need to replace your gel pads. Also, if the electronic pulses feel uncomfortable or cause discomfort, it is time to change your gel pads. If the gel pads have not been applied correctly to your muscle stimulator, they might become torn or ripped, if so they will need to be replaced as soon as possible.



  • Medical grade gel pads designed to optimize training sessions
  • Designed to be used up to 30 sessions
  • Evenly stimulates the targeted nerves and muscles around the abdomen for best toning efficiency.

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